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fireworks night......early...this is so messed up like BUSH

what is wrong with this skool!??????!
fireworks night is on friday NOT wednesday, this is place is full of bent losers.....apart from my friends of
right now im in the upstairs comp room sandwiched between annelise and ellie, i SHOULD be revising for french but is kerry or bush fluent in french.....i dont think so but they still get to rule the world.....and what is with the recounting i mean for gods sake most peeps want kerry but bush is blatantly goin to win cos hes goin to cheat like last time! god damn all you white power-hungry pride-devouring men DIE!!!!!
gees im feelin strange....annelise stole a ticet so alex can come to fireworks, it'l be funny if they try to sneak off cos there are martials everywher and theyll be WATCHING YOU!!! mwahahahahahahahaha....
i have to beg my parents to buy me a greenday ticket cos annelise and ellie already have tickets...humph
i miss my brothers
i saw this blade of grass the other day and fell in love with it, it was soooooooooo fine!!!!
anyhoo i wander where mr janitor man is? probably in the art room, oh i cant you im in love , i mean im in second love with you, liam must come first!
well thats of me sharing my private jks
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