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i feel like a twat
i was a bitch to molly and i dont even have the right to cos i dont no her and i wasnt exactly very helpful in makin annelise look at the whole alex thing from a neutral point of view
i was told the other day that im not myself around a certain group of peeps, that i have two selves my normal self when im with my friends from pitt and other places and then wen im with the unmentioned i become someone totally different, i want to stop bein two people it takes up sp much energy, i hate havin two groups of friends its so hard...i never no who to hang out with at lunh or at break or in town or anything, im stuck and lost im an anonynous world of conflict and im not in control, the one thing i knew had when my parents filed for a divorce, i had control over the situation, i controled my emotions, but now im lost all over again, split not juat between friends but between mind and what i want to be and what i think i want to
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