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bluespiriteyes or clemmie
26 January
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HELLO you weird person whos reading this!
ummmm.. a little about myself..lets see..
1..i'm a beautiful little lady
2..i have one sweetheart and he's irish
3..i have 2 best friends, both sadly girls but completely different..one is irish and the other norwegian
4..apparantly i'm down to earth..but fun to be with if your bored in town
5..individuality is something that doesn't freak me out
6..there is no one in the world i'm afraid of
7..i don't have a music category ok..so don't ask what music i listen to cause the answer will be EVERYTHING!
8..having 3 older brothers rocks..but being stuck at an all-girls-boarding-school SUCKS!
9..i'm desperatly trying to make it to ten things..
10..blue eyes..brown wavy/curly hair..about 5"7or8..34B[thats for all you freak guys!]..wow i made it to 10..