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i have more than two friends!

i just figured that im a bit shite at this journal thing.......
i also figured that i also have more friends than ellie and annelise..i have lauren charlotte jo Nnesochi marina flo rachel sarah katie nes [maybe] eliza [not really, only in maths] everyone in pitt and others out of skl!! im a loved person and i will try not forget it,
had my first rowing session thiny this saturday along with charlotte anna ellie katie marina and natalie and others from other years, we were jst on the machines but it was 'fun'
i need a break from all these bent tests,
annelise is having love problems
i have a non existance love at the moment which i v nice no wories at all
oh god im goin to the feathers with my friend from marlboro it should be fun but i wont count on it,
need to read more
read fan fiction its good!, especially harry ptooer hehe!
im bored of this
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