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what is mollys problemo?

okay somebody should live!!!! and its not me
molly y did you go running to alex, huh?
he said to annelise that maybe im not that cool but really i am! im the coolest person you'll ever meet you just have to be oin the right side of me!!!!!
i sooooo should be doing biology coursework right now but oh well , god damn orchestra! and karate! why do they have to be on the same night? it takes up soooooooomuch time!
i no im not exactly very authentic on this journal but my authenticity is saved for the journal i keep under my pillow!.....if anyone i no is reading this right now dont even bother trying to read it, im too down to earth and way too serious and deep for anyone to understand what im trying to say!
well im going to go and leave notes for peeps so adios!
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i didn't go "running" to him. i asked him about it when he came on MSN. i was waiting for annelise to come on so i could ask her but she didn't.
"and fuck you if you don't understand me" is a quote from almost famous.
Really? I love that film!!

But thats not the point, sorry...