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live life to its fullest

30th November, 2004. 4:58 pm. ummmmm

havnt said much recently so just go to annelises update on 30-nov just saying that we went to paris graffitied a bit got stalked told some guys to go fuck themselves in french and i learnt to ask for a plastic bag in french.....oh yeah come on!!!!

Current mood: accomplished.

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16th November, 2004. 4:48 pm. what is the big deal with this fight

okay thankfully this whole fight crap is coming to a standstill! phew!
i only just got involved and i just wrote a lovely essay that is mainly aimed at greg
couldnt give a shit anymore really
am goin to an opera tonight, only to take up time, its in the wycombe swan and im impressed with it!
cant be botherd to write anymore
blah blah blah....

Current mood: gees guys!.

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14th November, 2004. 12:40 pm. myself...

i feel like a twat
i was a bitch to molly and i dont even have the right to cos i dont no her and i wasnt exactly very helpful in makin annelise look at the whole alex thing from a neutral point of view
i was told the other day that im not myself around a certain group of peeps, that i have two selves my normal self when im with my friends from pitt and other places and then wen im with the unmentioned i become someone totally different, i want to stop bein two people it takes up sp much energy, i hate havin two groups of friends its so hard...i never no who to hang out with at lunh or at break or in town or anything, im stuck and lost im an anonynous world of conflict and im not in control, the one thing i knew had when my parents filed for a divorce, i had control over the situation, i controled my emotions, but now im lost all over again, split not juat between friends but between mind and what i want to be and what i think i want to be..help?

Current mood: why?.

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9th November, 2004. 4:53 pm. what is mollys problemo?

okay somebody should live!!!! and its not me
molly y did you go running to alex, huh?
he said to annelise that maybe im not that cool but really i am! im the coolest person you'll ever meet you just have to be oin the right side of me!!!!!
i sooooo should be doing biology coursework right now but oh well , god damn orchestra! and karate! why do they have to be on the same night? it takes up soooooooomuch time!
i no im not exactly very authentic on this journal but my authenticity is saved for the journal i keep under my pillow!.....if anyone i no is reading this right now dont even bother trying to read it, im too down to earth and way too serious and deep for anyone to understand what im trying to say!
well im going to go and leave notes for peeps so adios!

Current mood: i feel like a ball!!!!.

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8th November, 2004. 1:10 pm. i have more than two friends!

i just figured that im a bit shite at this journal thing.......
i also figured that i also have more friends than ellie and annelise..i have lauren charlotte jo Nnesochi marina flo rachel sarah katie nes [maybe] eliza [not really, only in maths] everyone in pitt and others out of skl!! im a loved person and i will try not forget it,
had my first rowing session thiny this saturday along with charlotte anna ellie katie marina and natalie and others from other years, we were jst on the machines but it was 'fun'
i need a break from all these bent tests,
annelise is having love problems
i have a non existance love at the moment which i v nice no wories at all
oh god im goin to the feathers with my friend from marlboro it should be fun but i wont count on it,
need to read more
read fan fiction its good!, especially harry ptooer hehe!
im bored of this

Current mood: im a gloomy person.

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3rd November, 2004. 1:57 pm. fireworks night......early...this is so messed up like BUSH

what is wrong with this skool!??????!
fireworks night is on friday NOT wednesday, this is place is full of bent losers.....apart from my friends of
right now im in the upstairs comp room sandwiched between annelise and ellie, i SHOULD be revising for french but is kerry or bush fluent in french.....i dont think so but they still get to rule the world.....and what is with the recounting i mean for gods sake most peeps want kerry but bush is blatantly goin to win cos hes goin to cheat like last time! god damn all you white power-hungry pride-devouring men DIE!!!!!
gees im feelin strange....annelise stole a ticet so alex can come to fireworks, it'l be funny if they try to sneak off cos there are martials everywher and theyll be WATCHING YOU!!! mwahahahahahahahaha....
i have to beg my parents to buy me a greenday ticket cos annelise and ellie already have tickets...humph
i miss my brothers
i saw this blade of grass the other day and fell in love with it, it was soooooooooo fine!!!!
anyhoo i wander where mr janitor man is? probably in the art room, oh i cant you im in love , i mean im in second love with you, liam must come first!
well thats of me sharing my private jks

Current mood: BOO!.

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31st October, 2004. 5:41 pm. half term....its gone!

oh my god half term is over!
i spent mine in ireland with my best mate and fell in love with ex/best friend......
i have soooo much homework to do that its popping out my ears, well its mainly revision but still!
i am crap at writing journals especially that i know your reading it! humph...
i gotta go pack for skl but cant be bothered
what happened to the other style of live journal this one SUX!

Current mood: busy.

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